First-Class Service


Located in fabulous Las Vegas, our modern pet grooming salon provides
a premium spa-like experience for your puppy or pet, at affordable prices.

We care about our clients (the pet!), and also attend to the owner’s needs as well. We work closely with each owner to understand their pet to ensure their fur baby has a pleasant grooming experience. We offer services that are highly affordable yet don’t compromise on quality.

So, here are some of the factors you should consider when hiring a pet sitter:

1. Reliable: It is one of the most important factors when choosing someone for your pet. So, choose a service center you can trust. You can verify the identity of pet handlers as well as pet service provider in order to ensure that your dog or cat is in good hands.

2. Reputation: If a service provider has been taking care of animals properly, it is certainly going to add to their reputation. Your quick search on the internet will help you get the details of companies that offer reputable services. On the other hand, you have clear the place where you can get in touch with the person in question to clarify your concerns and complaints.

3. Well Trained: Keeping the dog happy and entertaining is a good way to judge a pet caregiver and dog walker, but you also need to know if you are knowledgeable about the veterinary service so they can take quick action in case of accident or emergency situations.

After analyzing all these factors, you can make the final selection to keep your dog active, happy and relaxed in the safe hands of a reliable and experienced pet keeper near your neighborhood area.

Our light trim service includes from nose to tail, including all the elements described per grooming service bath and brush out plus the haircut. Our experienced grooming service provider will consult with you to decide exactly how you want your dog to look and make your vision a reality. our experts will also advise you new trending looks and cuts to make your pet luxury and beautiful as you think in your mind.

Whenever dogs and cats sniff each other, it’s viewed as the canine and cat likeness interpersonal interaction. The two species have butt-centric sacs, or butt-centric organs, as they are likewise regularly alluded to, on either side of the rear-end, which produce a slick substance with a disagreeable scent. It’s this fragrance that offers data to the sniffer about the other puppy or feline’s hormonal status. Further, it likewise enables the canine or feline to leave an aroma trail to stake claim to an area whether in your home or in the yard.


A normal solid discharge is generally adequate to express these sacs. This is nature’s method for keeping up them so the fragrance is not very observable. In any case, on the off chance that they don’t unfilled appropriately all alone, they can end up plainly affected. Affected butt-centric organs can cause tingling, an awful scent and furthermore can be extremely agonizing.So before all this happen come to us we provide you best service at affordable price.